Lightweight application which enables you to quickly make cord conversions, as well as calculate the distance between two distances.

  • FizzyCalc
  • Version :1.2.11
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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FizzyCalc Description

FizzyCalc is a software program whose purpose is to help people make various coordinate calculations and conversions, with a minimum amount of effort.

Conveniences of portable apps

The installation process can be skipped, as this utility is portable. This means that it does not add new items to the Windows registry and hard drive without your approval (unlike installers), and it does not leave any kind of traces behind.

It is also important to mention that if you copy the program files to an external data device, such as a USB flash drive, you make it possible to run FizzyCalc on the fly, on any computer you come in contact with.

Types of calculation you can make and performance

The tabbed interface ensures a quick access to all available options, while it is also intuitive enabling users to take advantage of it, regardless of their experience level. It is possible to find out the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), latitude and longitude values, by simply inputting the coordinate string.

In addition to that, you can calculate the distance between two points on Earth as well as the forward and reverse azimuth, using a high accuracy, great circle or Rhumb line method. From a coordinate string it is possible to calculate the checksum and digital root with this tool.

Regardless of the type of calculation you are trying to make, you should know that the CPU and memory usage is low and therefore, the system’s performance is not going to be hindered.


To wrap it up, FizzyCalc proves to be a pretty useful piece of software, dedicated to both power and novice users, and the interface is quite intuitive. The response time is good, the calculations you can make are accurate and our tests did not reveal any errors, crashes or bugs.

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