Fitness manager

Manage your gym with this intuitive and very flexible application that allows you to define new activities, packages and payment methods.

  • Fitness manager
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Fitness manager Description

Fitness manager allows users to control all aspects related to running a gym. Almost the whole business chain can be controlled, from the level of members to that of employees.

A highly customizable resource

The program allows a high degree of freedom. New gym members can be defined, complete with all their personal data and a photo.

Packages (e.g. fitness or aerobic) can then be linked to the new clients. One of the great features is that the software allows defining new packages. For example, one could create a “massage” module just for a particularly demanding client.

Employees can also be managed effectively with this tool. All staff entries can be edited and new groups can be defined. This is a nice feature since a potential business expansion does not require any complex program operations.

There are quite a lot of other options to define and customize (such as working hours, wages, product prices and room reservations). Having all this data in just one place is useful, but can also be potentially dangerous, as a simple system crash can ruin all the work. The built-in backup function is, therefore, highly recommended!

A comprehensive array of reports

One of the real strong points of this utility is the ability to generate multiple business accounts. These reviews can cover all the aforementioned aspects.

Payments and debts or members visits by certain time intervals – all are viewable and printable with a single click (two, if you count printing). All these reports are essential for the the accounting department, and having them all in just one place is a really great feature!

The interface is highly intuitive. Although there are plenty of functions (each with a lot more parameters to customize), they are well organized into menus and buttons.

This means that each window, although quite full, deals with only the relevant program functions. Redundant menus are virtually nonexistent.

A very good tool for administering a gym business

All in all, Fitness manager is a highly recommended utility for anyone in the business of running a gym. The amount of customization and user freedom is simply wonderful and the reports generated are very detailed and informative.

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