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Help young children learn French, by taking part in various fun games and activities, with this simple and easy-to-use application.

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First French Description

If you are a teacher looking for a fun and accessible way to teach young pupils French, or a parent who wants to provide their children with a fun introduction to the language, you may wish to try First French.

It is a simple application, created to help very young learners make the initial foray into understanding the French language. It offers a series of amusing games and activities, designed to keep easily distracted children concentrated on the task at hand.

Large variety of included topics

First French offers a wide array of topics, to help children learn French words for common objects and activities. These include colors, animals, fruits, clothes, sports, body parts, numbers, professions, days of the week and many others.

Offers multiple learning modes

It is possible to choose between numerous activities, from simple object recognition, to quizzes, puzzles and games.

You can simply have the program display pictures of various objects, which can be clicked to play an audio recording of their pronunciation.

First French also offers a quiz mode, requiring pupils to identify specific objects from a list of displayed pictures. In puzzle mode, these are cut into multiple pieces and you can choose to have the program hide a specified amount.

The application can also provide a series of images related to the current topic and ask the user to choose the correct picture that answers a certain question.

Includes one and two-player games

You can have your pupils play a fun memory game, in which they are required to find matching pairs of pictures by revealing two of them at a time. This activity can be performed by two users and the one who matches the most objects wins.

In Snap mode, players are required to quickly press a specified key when two identical pictures are displayed at the same time.

Overall, this is a useful learning tool, aimed at teachers and parents who wish to teach children basic French words and phrases, with the help of multiple enjoyable games and activities.

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