Firefox Download Unblocker

Disable the malware filters in Firefox so that the browser can download the files you want without any problems and then reset the filters back to default.

  • Firefox Download Unblocker
  • Version :4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SecurityXploded Inc

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Firefox Download Unblocker Description

Firefox Download Unblocker is a simple to use application that allows you to re-enable the software download in Mozilla Firefox. A security update in Firefox allows the browser to block certain downloads that it finds risky. It is a protocol of the ‘safe browsing’ policy, but it could also block safe files from being downloaded.

The need for the download unblocker

The Firefox ‘safe browsing’ policy has determined the implementation of certain algorithms that block the transfer of untrusted files. While this feature is useful and ensures a high level of protection against Internet threats, it can also block useful downloads that you are sure are clean.

Firefox Download Unblocker is designed to help you disable the algorithm enforcing this policy and thus allow the files to be freely downloaded. The application is simple to use, features a straightforward interface and can run from any folder since it is a portable tool.

Enable and disable the download protection

Firefox Download Unblocker allows you to cancel the Firefox algorithms blocking the file download, at any time, by simply clicking one button. The protection can be re-activated by clicking the same button, whenever you prefer.

The browser should be closed while these changes are applied, otherwise it needs to be restarted. You may observe the effects produced by using Firefox Download Unblocker in the browser’s download history. If the file is untrusted by the browser, its transfer is interrupted. However, with Firefox Download Unblocker, the file transfer can be performed without issues.

Firefox download manager application

Firefox Download Unblocker’s function is related to the download manager tool since it modifies its policies and protocols. The tool enables you to download any file from the Internet, which is why caution is advised. The tool can be quickly enabled and disabled so that you can still maintain the download protection it the rest of the time.

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