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Start your own sounds gallery by searching and adding sound effects with specific parameters or edit those from your personal computer with this application.

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FindSounds Palette Description

Sound is a common part of any kind of work involving computers. As a matter of fact, sound itself can be prepared here, and used as resources for effects in clips, or video games. There are various online sources where you can find and grab different effects, and the hunt for these files is greatly improved by applications like FindSounds Palette.

Easily organize your sound collection

Accommodation is among the least things you need to worry about. All tools and areas you get to work with bring up new windows, and even though they’re wrapped around the classic frame, simplicity is a plus, with different tooltips along the way to quickly get you up and running.

At its core, the application aims to help you organize your sound effect collections, and this can be done with both an offline library, or looking up items of interest online. You don’t have to use a web browser to look online, since the application comes with its own optimized search engine.

Search online, download, and edit

Initiating a search process brings up a new window, with a set of simple controls to quickly specify values of interest. First of all, a name needs to be written down, but there are an abundance of preset categories to help out. Search can either be performed online, or in your own gallery. There are also some advanced parameters to help narrow down results, such as file attributes, recording, musical, or text fields.

Results are almost instantly retrieved, and the way they’re shown adds even more to overall practicality. Apart from name, descriptions, size, type, or length, the results table also shows the waveform. making it easy to visualize the sound you need, to better look for specific intensities, or length.

You can preview the file directly at the press of a button, or save it to file, and included in your gallery. Choosing to save brings up yet another component, which is the editor. Although it’s not fitted with any effects, options allow you to apply fade, insert silence, normalize, set loop, and add all related details. When saved, you can opt for WAV, AU, or AIFF.

In conclusion

To sum it up, FindSounds Palette is a powerful tool for finding and organizing your sound collection. Searching for sounds online only takes a little while, with an abundance of files from the source, shown in a clear, helpful table, an editor to patch up things, while the gallery organizer helps you keep the database clean and find the sounds you need in a jiffy.

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