Easily search for your preferred files on any NTFS / FAT format drives with this application that offers extensive customization of search criteria.

  • FindOnClick
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  • Publisher :2BrightSparks

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FindOnClick Description

Working with large volumes of information can be a daunting task, especially when trying to search for specific files in extensive data collections. Fortunately, there are multiple software packages that provide such features and one of them is FindOnClick. This application will provide users with an efficient solution to their file search issue, by allowing them to search for files on any NTFS / FAT32 format, internal or external drives, with customizable search criteria.

Consistent interface that addresses both novice or experienced users through its search modes

The application provides users with a clean layout that features all the necessary search tools in a thoughtful design, facilitating the ease-of-use. Right after the swift installation process, people will be greeted by a search wizard, which will guide them through the process of setting-up the search parameters.

One will be able to use two search modes – easy and expert, the latter providing extensive customization for the search criteria. In this second mode, people will be able to easily navigate through the intuitive tab sequence that allows them to adjust details such as the file name filter, type, specific size, attributes, etc.

Effortlessly uncover lost files with the comprehensive set of tools offered by this search utility

Providing such an extensive array of search criteria settings, the application will allow people to define precisely which kind of files they are looking for. Custom dates for change / creation of files can be selected, file version can be extracted on-demand and, of course, the application offers customizable folder paths for the search.

After the search process is completed, users will benefit from a large viewing area where all the search results will be listed accordingly. The hash values/ version can be obtained for each file and opening in external applications is supported directly from the utility’s interface. Depending on the defined search parameters, users can expect for the application to run smooth and provide prompt search results.

Valuable piece of software that will greatly help those who need to find specific files quickly

Although there are numerous similar software packages out there, FindOnClick will provide a good mixture between its ease-of-use and the provided search features. Those who need to find certain files with ease and in a short time, can trust this application. It will allow them both an easy and expert search modes, with plenty of search criteria customization, therefore addressing the needs of novice and experienced users alike.

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