Seamlessly look for files on your local and network drives using keywords and basic filters with this simple and straightforward app.

  • FindfileX
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TripleXplosive

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FindfileX Description

If you enjoy the idea of being able to immediately find the type of information you are interested in on the web, then there is a good chance that you would like to do the same on your PC.

FindfileX is a tiny piece of software that enables you to search for files on your computer by simply specifying a keyword that the documents have in the title or content.

User-friendly interface and basic functionality

After a straightforward setup, you come face to face with an intuitive, clear and structured interface. While in the left area you can specify the parameters for your search, in the right region you can preview the query result in real-time. Moreover, you can preview the contents of the files discovered in the lower section of the panel.

The UI also acts as an indicative for the functionality of the program. To put it simple, you can perform a search by typing the containing text, selecting the drive you think it is located as well as the filters.

As far as the filters are concerned, you can specify the extensions of the file that you want to include and exclude from the search. Moreover, you can perform basic editing of the documents, an option that can come in handy when you notice a misspell for instance.

Performs the search for entire drives only

It is important to note that the query is executed on the network, local and other drives and hence, you cannot do a quick search in the desired directory. Depending on the size of your drives, finding the exact file you are interested in might take some time.

Then again, the program includes a couple of very general options that can narrow the search to a certain extent. More accurately, you can specify if the query should include subdirectories, hidden files and folders and whether it should match the whole word.

A very basic app you can use to find specific files

All in all, FindfileX is a simple and easy to navigate utility that can be useful in various situations when you need to find certain files on your computer.

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