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Search, manage and remove duplicate files or replaced them with shortcuts or hard links bt relying on this straightforward and efficient app.

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Find Equal Files Description

One of the best ways to keep files on your computer organized is by making sure that you don’t have duplicates, before anything else.

With its self-explanatory and straightforward name, Find Equal Files is a basic utility that makes it very easy for you to find, remove or manage your dupes.

Simplicity both in form and function

Launching the application only requires a double click on its executable file. You are then greeted by a well-organized main window and an average user interface. There are no complicated features, no drop down menus and not even a classic menu bar, as all its characteristics and controls are right on display.

This simple approach makes working with Find Equal Files a straightforward process regardless of you being an advanced or a beginner user. Simply select the directory or a general location where you know or suspect that dupes might be and start the search process via the designated button.

Remove duplicates or replace them with shortcuts and hard links

In spite of its overall simplicity, this little app offers a good deal of information regarding the duplicate files. After the duplicate files are revealed right next to their original counterparts, the program provides clear statistics about groups of duplicates, the total number of dupes, their location, size on the disk, as well as their creation dates.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the application enables you to replace the duplicate files with a shortcut or a hard link. Probably the most surprising feature is the fact that Find Equal Files packs a built-in preview panel that supports the most common audio, video and other types of files.

Get rid of duplicates with the help of this simple app

Taking all of the above into consideration, Find Equal Files is a simple and efficient app that enables you to get rid of pesky duplicate files with just a few mouse clicks.

Sure, it may not be the most stylish duplicate remover out there and, sure, it would have been nice if the built-in preview player would support more types of files, but there is no doubt that this lightweight app gets the job done without fuss.

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