File Viewer Express

A handy and intuitive application that helps you quickly manage your files, edit images, play multimedia content or send e-mails.

  • File Viewer Express
  • Version :3.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Accessory Software

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File Viewer Express Description

File Viewer Express is a handy tool for managing files, that offers you several tools for editing images, playing multimedia files, such as music and videos, or send emails on the spot. All this is done without having to install other additional applications.

Handy file organizer and editor

The program helps you find and organize all your files, by specifically searching for an extension or name. Once found, you can perform various operations on the file, depending on its format and content. For instance, you can play music or videos, or edit documents and database files.

A handy feature of the application is the image editor, which helps you crop, resize or add special effects to each picture, in order to optimize it. To help you quickly access your files, the program is properly categorized, as you can specifically access only images, videos, sounds or documents.

Reliable file management tool and email sender

File Viewer Express can help you quickly catalog and organize your files, either using the predefined categories, creating custom ones,depending on your preferences. This can help you expand the predefined categories with adjacent ones. For example, you can generate a “Work Documents” category, or one for your wallpapers.

The email sender feature of the application allows you to quickly distribute emails to your contacts, complete with attachments, without using any other mail clients. As a side note, you need to set up your POP and SMTP options in order to successfully deliver emails to your contacts.


To sum it up, File Viewer Express offers you a convenient package capable of managing all your files, play multimedia content or send emails to any of your contacts. The program’s file navigation might seem a bit quirky at first, but once you get in the hang of it, you will be able to quickly organize your files.

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