File Splitter

Split any type of file into smaller pieces so that you can store them on floppy or CDs and rejoin them to the original file later on.

  • File Splitter
  • Version:1.4 Build 9638
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:DigitByte Studio

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File Splitter Description

File Splitter is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to split files into smaller pieces that can be stored on floppy disks, CDs or via email as attachments.

Quick installation, but old-school interface

The setup is fast and straightforward, particularly since it entails following a few standard steps that do not require too much of your time. Upon launch, you come face to face with an outdated interface but that is intuitive and unlikely to give you any challenges.

It is worth mentioning that the tool solely enables you to choose between three measurement parameters, namely megabyte, kilobyte and byte. Nevertheless, you will be happy to learn that the program does not impose any restrictions when it comes to the size of the file you want to split.

Allows you to split files by size, numbers of segments

Functionality-wise, the program is as simple as it looks and you can divide the desired file into three simple steps. First off, you need to add the file that is going to be processed and select the desired split mode. Afterwards, you need to specify the output directory, hit the Start button and wait until the application completes the operation.

The utility includes three split modes, namely by size, numbers and a segment. As you probably hinted, the size allows you to cut the file into custom sizes, whereas the number implies you define the number of parts desired. The Segment split mode allows you to cut a particular part and can be especially useful for video files.

A tool that can help you split files into parts you can email

All in all, if you need to store large files to various storage devices with less capacity, such as floppy disks or CDs, for instance, or perhaps you need to send them as attachments via email, then perhaps File Splitter could come in handy.

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