File Rename Utility

Have multiple files renamed by adding prefix, suffix, unique parameter, or changing names and extensions completely thanks to this application.

  • File Rename Utility
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File Rename Utility Description

Having to rename an abundance of files to meet specific criteria is more or less of a hassle, depending on the amount of files. However, things get a lot less complicated when you use specialized applications and File Rename Utility is a suitable example, renaming multiple files in the blink of an eye.

Easily browse folders to access files of interest

Once installed you can go ahead and see what it can do for you, but be sure to check whether or not your computer is fitted with .NET Framework, because it’s a mandatory requirement for functionality. On the other hand, modern Windows iterations come with it in the default set of features, so there’s a high chance it’s already on your PC.

As far as the interface is concerned, the application bundles all its features in an intuitive design. The built-in navigator provides quick access to folders on your PC, unveiling files in another panel which also shows filename, size, last accessed date, and path. The two modes to define rules are easily accessed through tabs.

Choose renaming rules and destination

You can choose from a couple of rename modes, such as file name property and custom rename. The first mode allows you to alter prefix, file name, separator, unique parameter, suffix, and extensions. They’re not mandatory, and you can select items to add or modify, whereas the unique parameter can be a number or letter.

The custom rename mode is somewhat easier to handle, or at least pretty much straightforward. The old file name is displayed on selection, with the possibility so set new name, and whether or not to also change the extension.

Multiple files can be selected for the operation. You can either have original items modified on the spot, or have the moved or copied to a different location. Note that hitting start initiates the process and can overwrite existing files if no destination is set.

In conclusion

To sum up, File Rename Utility is a fast, reliable way of changing the name for one or more files in matter of seconds. The navigator lets you easily access the location of files of interest, while the two rename modes are sure to meet most of your demands.

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