File Organizer

Organize files and folders on your computer in a quick, convenient way by turning to this lightweight application that features file monitoring capabilities.

  • File Organizer
  • Version:2.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Aram Rafeq

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File Organizer Description

Processing large amount of files or folders on your computer can be a tedious activity, especially if they are not sorted by certain criteria.

However, nowadays you can choose from a broad range of third-party software solutions that can help you simplify your work. One of the programs mentioned above is File Organizer.

Easy to install

Deploying this utility on your computer can be accomplished without considerable effort since it does not require any advanced configuration on your part.

You just need to specify a destination path, decide whether desktop shortcut icons should be created or not and follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple design

This program comes with a minimalistic layout that encompasses a few interactive functions, which are relevant to its core purpose. Its controls are available as buttons on the main window, making it possible for you to access them without spending time browsing through various menus.

However, no standard help documentation is provided to you. Therefore, in case you encounter any difficulty while operating its functions, turning to a user guide is not a viable option.

Sorts files and folders

File Organizer can help you organize documents on your computer in a quick, efficient manner, grouping them by their file type within folders. This application creates several directories for frequently-used file categories(such as image, video or audio) within the location you specify and moves each item to its matching folder.

More so, it features file monitoring support. Therefore, you can set it to monitor a particular directory and automatically organize the files whenever a change occurs.

Startup support

You can also allow the application to run upon system startup so that you do not need to worry about manually launching it each time.

Accomplishing this can be quickly done by clicking the dedicated “Startup with Windows” button from the main window.

Lightweight file organizer with monitoring support

All things considered, File Organizer is a simple application that can help you organize files on your computer in a quick, intuitive manner, by sorting them into category folders. It features a simple interface, accessible functions and file monitoring abilities. However, it packs no form of help documentation, which might be inconvenient for some users.

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