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Monitor your [email protected] tasks, real-time resource consumption and other types of details such as your world rank and rank changes, all with the help of this nifty gadget.

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[email protected] Description

Protein misfolding is of the utmost importance and interest when it comes understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and even some forms of cancer besides many others.

[email protected] is a somewhat fascinating project which aims to determine the complex mechanisms of protein misfolding (and to simulate other types of molecular dynamics) and, quite interestingly, uses the resources provided by personal computers from a various number of volunteers.

Nifty and useful Windows widget for the [email protected] project

That said, if you’re an active supporter of this fascinating project, you can also employ the services of [email protected] Monitor, a lightweight Windows gadget, to view how much resources you’re currently “donating” and other types of details such user world rank and rank changes in the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately, if you’re a Windows 8 or Windows 10 users, well, tough luck, since this gadget only works on computers running Windows 7 and Vista. That said, download the package, unzip it, and run the gadget just like any other application to get started.

As far as widget UIs go, this is one for the top of the list

You are greeted by a fairly compact yet surprisingly pleasing-to-look-at user interface that, besides the afore mention details (rank-related details), also displays the real-time resource consumption. You are provided with a clear reading of the number of tasks, as well as their associated CPU and GPU levels.

Quite surprisingly, the widget boasts a comprehensive Options section. For example, you can edit the project list, limit the “Light” and “Heavy” processes, as well as change the colors for almost all UI elements, with just a few mouse clicks.

Keep an eye on your [email protected] contributions, as well as the real-time resource consumption

All in all, [email protected] Monitor is, without a doubt, a very interesting and very well-designed widget. Since not many people are willing to “donate” computer resources to this distributed computing project, this widget is not exactly popular, but if you’re one of the few contributors, then why not know exactly what’s your “worth”, in points, of course?

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