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Easily manage several aspects of your restaurant business, such as menu content or prices and clients’ service, with this reliable tool.

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FGS – Restaurant Description

FGS – Restaurant is a simple to use application that allows you to easily manage your restaurant business – menus, prices and customer service. The program allows you, as an administrator, to gain access to organizing the contents and prices, as well as to rake clients’ orders.

Quick restaurant business management

FGS – Restaurant allows you to control the aspect of your business that deals with clients, orders, services and printing out bills. The application is conveniently structured and allows you to access the separate aspects from different windows.

You may create one or several users, with certain degrees of permissions for each one. The access to either of the interfaces is granted by entering the correct password. The administrative side of FGS – Restaurant allows you to set the details printed on each receipt, such as the name of the restaurant, address, contact details, VAT or service charge. You may also add custom footer notes.

Restaurant management and clients’ service

You may also change tables’ names, menu contents, categories / subtitles, as well as prices, in the administrative area of FGS – Restaurant. Moreover, the program can generate daily reports on income, menus, invoices and sales categories. Additionally, you can set discounts, happy hours and create data backups.

The service area is designed as a map displaying the tables and the available orders for each one. You may easily create or modify orders, as well as remove items from the lists, before sending them to the kitchen. The total price for each order is calculated in the bill preview and you may record the payments in a separate list.

Printing vouchers and bills

FGS – Restaurant allows you to print bills for customers, as well as order vouchers for the kitchen. Its friendly interface makes it a convenient to use tool, that allows you to customize the menu, as well as to process clients’ orders. Each menu entry can be easily edited and its name may be specified in several languages.

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