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Monitor your finances with this comprehensive application which allows you to record every expense or income entry and create reports.

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FGS – Cashbook Description

FGS – Cashbook is a reliable application that allows you to record and monitor your financial situation. The program allows you to manage several cashbooks, in which to enter each expense and income. The program can display both types of cash flow in the same table, so you may easily watch the spending trends.

Sort expenses by categories

FGS – Cashbook allows you to easily create categories and sort the expenses by their types, in order to observe the spending trends. For example, you can separate rent from daily expenses, vacations or other investments. Similarly, you can create several categories for the income entries.

The program is easy to use and can easily generate data analysis, as well as detailed reports depicting the selected time periods. The fill-in form is simplified and requires only that you enter the date, description, category, VAT percentage and the value you wish to manage. Enter the sum in the Check in field if it represents income or in the Cost field if it is an expense.

Data export and transfer

FGS – Cashbook allows you to easily customize its layout, in order to adapt it to your preferences. It requires that you enter your name and address, which are also displayed in each report. Moreover, you can easily print or export the data to Microsoft Excel files, to text documents and to Access databases.

The program also supports that you save the database as a project, a file that can only be opened with FGS – Cashbook. You may thus create a backup file which you may store or easily transfer.

Cashbook customization

FGS – Cashbook supports several currencies and allows you to change the name of the main tax for each entry in the database. Moreover, it is possible to change the date, since the program automatically uses the system date/time, as well as to create a password for each cashbook you manage.

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