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Convert several multimedia files from your computer to different formats in an efficient manner by relying on this lightweight application.

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FFMpeg Console Description

If you like spending your free time enjoying multimedia content on your computer, you probably understand how an efficient conversion tool can be helpful for you.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of applications that can turn file conversion into an unsophisticated task. One of these applications is FFMpeg Console.

Portable utility

Since it is portable, this tool does not require any installation on your computer. It does not tamper with your Windows’ registry entries, nor does it create additional files or folders on your PC. However, in order for it to run as intended, you need to provide it with FFMpeg.

This application comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that packs intuitive controls, thus making it highly accessible to a wide spectrum of computer users.

Convert multimedia files

You can rely on FFMpeg Console if you need an efficient file conversion tool that supports several formats and profiles. Given that you can either use a list of presets or write your own FFMpeg command lines, this application proves itself to be simple enough for novices, but also highly configurable for more advanced computer users.

Among the supported formats in the predefined list, you can find MP4, AVI, WMV, GIF, MP3, WAV and JPEG. Therefore, you are provided with a rather wide range of possibilities regarding quick file conversion.

Create your own profiles

If needed, you can save the FFMpeg command lines as new profiles, thus preventing you from wasting your time typing the corresponding commands every time you need them.

Doing so can be accomplished by clicking the paper sheet button and choosing a new name. Alternatively, you can choose to overwrite an already existing format, if needed.

Lightweight, yet efficient conversion tool based on FFMpeg

As a conclusion, FFMpeg Console is a simple tool based on FFMpeg that can help you convert many files from your computer to several formats in an efficient manner. This utility makes it possible that you can create new conversion profiles from FFMpeg command lines, but also provides you with a list of preset profiles that you can rely on.

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