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Extend 3ds Max’s capabilities by relying on this lightweight, handy plugin that comes with an extensive library that encompasses several 3D models.

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Feng niao designer Description

Feng niao designer is a 3ds Max plugin that extends the host application’s functionality by encompassing a handful of useful features.

3D modeling artists can benefit from its functions easily, as it is quite easy to install by either using the dedicated installer or by copying the provided document within 3ds Max’s plugin directory.

This tool comes with an extensive library that encompasses a wide selection of 3D models that can be used as project templates in a convenient manner. For instance, users can browse through the vast selection of items and select the most suitable one, or hit the various buttons on the bottom of the library window.

It is possible to rely on random selections by clicking the Random Design button, if users need a starting point, but cannot decide which template is most appropriate to begin with.

Additionally, aside from the above function, users can also rely on two other features that enable them with more in-depth customization of their selection: the Directional Design and the Fine tune Design buttons.

3D designers can view a selection of maps by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the library window. More so, it is possible to randomize or reset their selection.

Users can create new models that they can customize by their overall appearance or pick a certain work area, such as the head or the body and adjust it to their own preference. Furthermore, while editing a selection, it is possible to generate random or fine-tuning designs, as well.

System requirements

  • 3ds Max 2015 (64-bit), 3ds Max 2016 (64-bit)

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