Organize various entertainment feeds, browse the Internet and increase your security via a proxy connection using this customizable program.

  • FeedTurtle
  • Version:X
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Diego Bianchi

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FeedTurtle Description

FeedTurtle has been created as a feed reading utility that does not confuse the user with complicated settings. However, it integrates additional utilities, such as a torrent client, web browser, a video converter and an audio player.

Simple interface, no installation required

It is Java-based, so the runtime needs to be available on the system for the application to work. There is no need to go through an installation process because the program runs out of the box, as soon as the content is extracted from the downloaded archive; simply double-click the JAR file and the application window appears.

The interface is far from being complicated and presents an intuitive, Explorer-like layout that shows the feeds tree along with the content they hold. Each of the available extra utilities can be opened up in separate tabs so that working with the package is not cumbersome.

Group feeds together, easy switch to a different utility

Feeds can be organized into groups and the content can be viewed with the built-in web browser. There are no complicated configuration options available, just the possibility to add a fresh news source, place it in a new folder, edit its name or delete it altogether.

None of the built-in tools are complicated as they make available only the basic options for fulfilling their purpose. Also, in some cases additional tools are required for full functionality of the package.

The main application window allows the user to jump from one application to another without too much effort.

Basic feed reading utility

FeedTurtle is not a full-blown feed reader but it incorporates the necessary functionality to retrieve the news pieces and load them in the internal web browser.

It also integrates a bunch of unrelated tools that some users might appreciate. On the other hand, all the utilities are minimalist in terms of options and functionality.

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