febooti fileTweak Hex Editor

Edit binary content for any file on your computer by simply accessing the properties panel via the context menu, jump to specific addresses, with changes applied on the spot.

  • febooti fileTweak Hex Editor
  • Version:3.7.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:febooti software

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febooti fileTweak Hex Editor Description

Your computer doesn’t quite understand files like you do, btu actually reads them according to different types of code, depending on the type of file. All of them use HEX, which isn’t an area Windows lets you view by default, but applications like febooti fileTweak Hex Editor cleverly integrate right in the properties panel.

Cleverly integrates in Windows default features

The application takes you through a simple setup process in order to modify the registries it needs so it can put features at your disposal. This doesn’t need to get you alarmed, because Windows functionality is not affected in any way. What’s more, it actually becomes part of the default style, with no elements or processes to use resources.

In case you’re desperately looking for an executable or any kind of launcher, you might want to stop trying, because there isn’t such a thing. This is because febooti fileTweak Hex Editor integrates itself in the properties panel as an additional tab, besides general, compatibility, details, and other you might find, depending on the targeted file.

View and edit code for any file

Entitled Hex Editor, the new tab provides a neat visual representation of what the target file actually looks like on the inside, with columns for address, HEX code, as well as corresponding text. What’s more, you’re free to edit all values on the spot, without having to rely on other similar tools.

However, you need to know what you’re doing, because there’s no button to undo changes, or return to the original form, and you risk making the file completely unreadable. Luckily, a prompt shows up before changes are applied and asks whether or not you are sure of new settings.

On an ending note

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that febooti fileTweak Hex Editor comes with good intentions and manages to provide options to edit HEX code for any file on your computer in a neat method. The only inconvenience here is the limited space provided by the properties panel, while also lacking any search functions to jump to text or code of interest.

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