FDM Password Decryptor

An efficient and easy to use application that you can use to recover all your usernames and passwords stored by Free Download Manager.

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FDM Password Decryptor Description

FDM Password Decryptor is a simple yet reliable piece of software developed in order to provide you with a quick means of recovering your download credentials stored by Free Download Manager.

Free Download Manager is a popular tool used by many to create or schedule Internet downloading tasks, from a variety of online sources. Sometimes, in order to be able to grab a certain file or folder from the web, you are also required to enter your account credentials.

However, it can happen that you simply do not remember the username and password you used to download files in the past. This can be quite frustrating, particularly if you want to download a new file from that source, and are not able to do so, because of your forgotten credentials. Recovering them the old fashion way can take forever and it does not always work the way it is supposed to.

It is for this precise purpose FDM Password Decryptor that was designed. With this basic utility, you can recover all your usernames and passwords stored in Free Download Manager, and all you need to do is launch it and press the ‘Start Recovery’ button.

Within seconds, FDM Password Decryptor will display all the retrieved items in its main window, including the download link, enabling you to once again have access to favorite files from the web. Additionally, the application allows you to export the recovered data to HTML, so you can later resort to the saved document, if you happen to forget your login credentials once more.

FDM Password Decryptor is quite efficient at retrieving your precious information almost instantly, but its functionality resumes itself to this and nothing more. Nonetheless, you can use this tool successfully every time you need to recover your Free Download Manager usernames and passwords.

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