A reliable network testing and performance assessment utility that enables you to run data receiving and sending tests for both TCP and UDP connections.

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  • Publisher:Andrey Butok

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FBENCH Description

FBENCH is an open-source benchmarking utility that enables you to determine the performance of TCP and UDP data transfers between two different systems, while also performing stress tests on your network.

Evaluate TCP and UDP connections

As mentioned before, FBENCH is compatible with both TCP and UDP, being capable of running transmitter and receiver tests for both protocols and IPv4 or IPv6, so as to view information concerning the throughput speed.

It comes with a set of options that you can configure before starting a test. You get to specify the number of messages to send to the target IP address, change the number of iterations and set the timeout between two consecutive data packets, as well as the message delay and its size.

Additionally, there are a few socket options to allow IP fragmentation and delay disabling. UDP tests allow multicast interface configuration.

Run transmitter and receiver tests to determine throughput

When performing a receiving test, you only have to enter the IP address of the local computer in the designated field and the port to received data through. Again, multicast grouping is possible for UDP connections.

The duration of the transfer, the number of transmitted bytes and the calculated throughput are displayed in the lower side of the window. Unfortunately, there is no option for exporting the results.

A handy network testing utility for all administrators

FBENCH is a reliable tool for all network administrators, worth having around for testing UDP and TCP connections and diagnosing possible problems. Despite its simplicity, it is clear that it is mainly intended for experienced users who can correctly interpret the results.

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