FB Lead Chef

Fb Lead Chef is an API-based application that enables you to retrieve batches of users’ IDs, email addresses, URLs and identify popular members.

  • FB Lead Chef
  • Version:4.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:FBLeadChef.NET

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FB Lead Chef Description

FB Lead Chef is a simple to use, API-based program designed to identify and extract a series of Facebook user identifiers, based on their interests, groups, events or associated pages. The tool is a social media marketing solution designed to identify members or groups associated with a particular niche, as well as the most popular individuals.

Facebook email extractor

FB Lead Chef is a powerful tool that is capable of identifying instances on Facebook, based on a few keywords. You can search for general domains that interest you, such as music, art, science etc., titles, names or events. You simply need to select the proper tab for the object of your query.

Thus, you may search by niche, by group, by event, as well as extract popular commentators on a particular subject. The software can return results for members, events or pages. The table displays the name of the instance, a small description, the number of members and a quick link to each Facebook page. You may also extract all the members’ IDs in text files, then save them to your desktop.

Finding special members

FB Lead Chef features several specialized tools, that can help you identify the most active and popular members on Facebook, depending on the search object. Thus, whenever the software performs a search, it also displays an option for you to save member’s IDs, emails, Passionate Members or Power Players.

The Passionate Members module can extract a list of the most targeted, tagged and sought for users on Facebook. The algorithm is based on finding likes, posts and interaction frequencies. The Power Players are influential, popular and have a large number of Likes.

Marketing for social media websites

FB Lead Chef focuses on extracting information from Facebook, that can help you set up marketing strategies, based on Power Players and Passionate members. The software allows you to find and grab lists of users, email addresses, URLs and IDs. Moreover, you can also identify groups, events and pages that fit the object of your query.

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