FastTrack Schedule

A simple and reliable application that allows you to easily view your calendar and manage your schedule, appointments and projects.

  • FastTrack Schedule
  • Version:10.2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AEC Software

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FastTrack Schedule Description

The more organized your tasks and schedules are while running a big business or working on a project, the higher the efficiency. It all comes down to computer applications to remember when and what needs to be done, to make it easier for us. A suitable example is FastTrack Schedule, a powerful and neat office assistant.

Well-structured interface

The first thing that strikes you when running the application is the comfortable office suite like design which is sure to get you up and running in no time. The workspace simultaneously lets you view the list of events, as well as a graphical representation in a timeline for visual support.

Clever and easy task creation

Creating a task only takes several seconds and a few mouse clicks. The only input required is for the activity name, duration and actual period. Additionally, you can bring up an information window where you can add further details or even more fields to the table display.

What’s more, timing can be adjusted from the calendar view by dragging the bar or its borders around. Furthermore, a few customization options let you change shape, style, and modify advanced timing options.

Manage and attribute resources

Another feature gives you the possibility to create a resource database that can be attributed to tasks. These represent the people attending given events, with thorough info fields available. Ranging from personal and company details, to financial adjustments and work calendar, resources play an important role in a clever management.

Could use more tools

However, the application lacks a few helpful tools. On the one hand, there is no possibility to set alarms or any kind of notifications, not even via email, to let you know when events are about to start. Nor is there a function for generating reports, which would have come in handy since it fits in an office environment.

In conclusion

To sum it up, FastTrack Schedule can offer a helping hand in better managing your time, but you cannot completely rely on it. The overall design lets you quickly accommodate and easily create entries or view them. However, it’s still missing a thing or two, but can still be used in a large variety of domains.

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