An efficient and easy to use piece of software with visual designer, dialog forms and scripting language that allows you to quickly generate reports.

  • FastReport
  • Version:5.3.16
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:fast-report

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FastReport is a reliable piece of software designed to help you generate elaborate and detailed reports, by using visual elements, dialog forms and scripting languages.

Intuitive interface

The graphic user interface of the program has a professional and natural look, with a neatly organized layout that allows you to easily adapt and find the features you need.

The main workspace is surrounded by menus and windows that allow you to quickly access useful functions and keep a fast pace while working on your project.

A multitude of visual elements to use

FastReport puts at your disposal a vast array of visual elements to incorporate into your projects, allowing you to generate elaborate and professional reports.

With great ease, pictures can be inserted into your project, allowing you to have a personalized type of report.

FastReport disposes of an advanced built-in text editor, allowing you to use a multitude of features and effects to modify and edit text strings.

You can add a large array of elements, such as barcodes, geometrical shapes, charts, checkboxes or images to your report, and all of these you can later edit and move until you obtain a professional and detailed report.

Easy-to-use drag and drop function

The program allows you to use scripting languages in your project, which combined with the drag and drop function, makes working with FastReport a breeze even for inexperienced users.

In a matter of seconds, you can incorporate editable variables into your projects by simply dragging them from a list and dropping them onto the report.

You can move these variables around in order to create the desired layout of your report, and you can easily edit them by double-clicking the variable.

An advanced report generator

To conclude, FastReport proves to be a professional, yet easy to use application, that allows you to quickly generate elaborate reports. The multitude of functions and visual elements that FastReport puts at your disposal make it an efficient and reliable tool.

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