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Verify web page links to see if they contain redirects or other hidden parameters, with options to bulk check and generate a report.

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Fast URL Checker Description

Sure enough a particular web page can tell you it takes you to a location of interest, but it’s not always true. Some links tend to redirect to unwanted or even harmful websites, or contain additional info. As such, Fast URL Checker comes with the means to help you inspect large lists of URLs.

Find out the safe way if links take you somewhere else

First of all, you might want to know that the application requires .NET Framework to function, which is usually delivered as a default feature in modern Windows iterations. You’re greeted by a clean interface, relying on classic window elements to display its features. Most of the space is where links and details are displayed, while the upper toolbar holds all necessary management functions.

The core function of the application is to reveal the truth behind links you provide. In other words, it verifies the status code, content type and its length, response time, redirects, relocations in between, and more. Multiple links can be checked at a time.

Filter lists and generate reports

First of all you need to add links to the operations. Since this isn’t done by filling in any fields in the application, you can either import them from files like TXT, HTML, CSV, or XML, from a previously saved report, or from clipboard with each URL on a different line.

The operation starts as soon as the links land in the application. Analysis doesn’t really take a lot of time, but it mostly depends on the complexity of the link, amount of provided URLs, as well as your Internet connection health or speed.

You can save the entire report or just redirects as CSV. Filters can be applied to match particular text strings, or simply by URL, response, type, status code, reason, size, and more. The options panel can be used to set speed, HTTP version, and user Agent.

A few last words

All things considered, we can state that Fast URL Checker is a neat way to tell if a website is clean or takes you to potentially malicious contents. Multiple URLs can be verified at a time, displaying all related info and redirects in an organized table you can save as report.

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