Falco GIF Animator

Create complex GIF animations using imported graphic content and the numerous available drawing tools, with this intuitive application.

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Falco GIF Animator Description

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that nowadays almost every user connected the Internet has come across an animated image, most likely a funny one and pretty sure it was in GIF format. If some of you are wondering how is it possible to create some of those amusing little pictures in motion, the simplest answer would be to point at some applications specialized in the creation of such animations.

Among the tools of this kind that are available on the software market, you could come across Falco GIF Animator at some point. This particular program is designed to take graphical input from a variety of files and allow you to customize the content then save it in the desired format.

One of the strongest points of this utility is the extensive support for source file types, which includes, apart from the regular formats, some rather rare varieties of extensions that image editing programs can work with like EXE, DLL, CUR, ANI or ICL.

There are many tools at your disposal when working with Falco GIF Animator, so you can perform diverse selections like those for colors, shapes, hues or whole parts of a picture. Drawing on the canvas can also be done through the use of pencil, spray or fill instruments.

One of the advantages brought by this software solution is the possibility of adding effects to the animations you create. There are quite a few such enhancements available inside the application and you can customize them to give personal touch to each design.

With support for acquiring images form external devices, file previews and the rest of the feature set it comes with, Falco GIF Animator is able to produce surprisingly good results and manages to be present itself as a really accessible utility for every user.

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