Access DVD, Blu-ray or audio CD content more easily and backup media files without having to rely on a ripping tool, by using this nifty application.

  • FairMount
  • Version :1.1 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Andre

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FairMount Description

DVD, Blu-ray and audio CD collections can be tricky to manage due to the encryption methods that are often employed to secure the stored media. While we can all understand why these restrictions are necessary, they can make it difficult to access and backup data.

FairMount is a lightweight application that provides you with a solution to these issues, as it runs in the system tray and decrypts discs on the fly. It supports multiple encryption algorithms and requires minimal user input.

Handy utility that can decrypt discs on the fly

FairMount is designed to serve as an alternative to complex, and sometimes expensive DVD and Blu-ray rippers. It can remove copy protection and user prohibitions from various types of discs, but BD+ and MKB >31 are not yet supported.

Once a disc has been decrypted, you can browse its contents as you would in the case of any other drive, and then copy the media files onto your PC using the File Explorer.

Unobtrusive program that rests in the system tray

FairMount is minimized to the system tray automatically upon launch, and it is added to the startup list by default. After it is installed, it can run in the background at all times without ever getting in your way.

When a disc has been inserted, the application begins scanning it and displays a notification in the system tray area. The drive can then be accessed by right-clicking the program’s icon, and a list of all the available drives is also available.

Promising application that could use some documentation

It is worth noting that FairMount is still in the Beta stage, so you may still encounter one or two bugs while using the program, although this was not the case during our tests.

Also, for future releases, it would be great if at least a basic manual were included, as many users are likely to need some help figuring out how to configure the application’s advanced settings.

In conclusion, FairMount is a straightforward and unobtrusive utility that can help you decrypt Blu-ray discs, DVDs and audio CDs on the fly, thus providing easier access to the contained media. It currently lacks support for certain encryption protocols, however, and it does not offer any documentation.

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