A text to g-code conversion utility that bundles a variate set of options for text formatting, as well as v-carving and engraving capabilities.

  • F-Engrave
  • Version :1.62
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Scorch

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F-Engrave Description

F-Engrave is an application that can convert a text to a g-code file, providing additional formatting options that enables you to change the text appearance. It enables you to add various effects to a text, export it to a g-code file or save it in SVG format on your computer.

One of its characteristics is ease of use, since the interface consists of a single window where all the formatting tools are displayed. The input text can be manually typed in or pasted from the clipboard (multi-row text is supported), but the application can also load DXF or BMP images.

F-Engrave can modify the font style by customizing its height and width, the line thickness, the spacing between characters and words, as well as line spacing. It enables you to adjust the text position and its orientation by changing the display angle, using left, right or center justification and setting the location of the g-code origin. In addition to this, you can flip it horizontally and apply mirroring effects.

You can use the extended list of true-type fonts in order to modify the looks of the text. The application also features customizable g-code parameters, such as the feed rate, Z rate and the cut depth, as well as the used g-code header and postscript.

Special effects can be obtained by displaying the input text on an arc and modifying its radius. Its v-carving options are fully customizable: you can adjust the angles, diameters, cut depth limits, the loop accuracy and the sub-step length. The preview function enables you to view how the output looks like as you make modifications.

F-Engrave can generate g-code files, providing v-carving and engraving function that enable you to change the appearance of the input text. It enables you to experiment with various settings combinations and save the output to your computer as g-code or SVG files.

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