Manage your business operations by turning to this application that provides you with accurate tracking modules for sales, purchases, payments and stock.

  • EzWholeSale
  • Version:1.00
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:EzPointOfSale

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EzWholeSale Description

If you’re in charge of running a company, you might be looking for a way to manage your business’ information without significant efforts, and in this case, specialized software can be of great help.

For instance, EzWholeSale is a software solution that can simplify data handling by letting you manage all kinds of relevant information from a single location.

Organize company-related data

This application can help you manage data regarding your company ranging from expenses and payments to payroll entries, suppliers, SMS marketing, cash tips and sales cost bases.

Before you actually reach the main window, the application will ask you if you want to build the initial database if it’s not available on your computer.

Comprehensive administration component

EzWholeSale can help you centralize all the data collected from your company and display it in a single location. However, before it can do that, you must populate the database with information manually.

You can access the “System Administration” component that enables you to edit every single parameter by simply accessing the desired category. It is possible to edit company information, tax rates, the email account, currency denominations, income types, payment methods, printer settings, cash drawers, SMS carriers, customer consent terms, customers, job titles, employees, labor hours, payroll entries, suppliers, email and SMS marketing, gift cards and cash tips.

Generate reports

Additionally, you can generate a broad range of reports, according to your needs, by clicking the “Reports” button and selecting your favorite type from the context menu.

Among the supported types you can find daily, tax, sales, revenue, reconciliation, profit, order fulfillment, received payments, expenses, product costing, customer, commissions, cash tips, labor and payroll reports.

Handy management tool for your business

All things considered, EzWholeSale is a reliable application that can help you manage your company by letting you handle all the relevant information from the same place. It comes with a comprehensive interface and can be used even by novices.

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