Console-based utility that enables the user to create an installation file for Windows CE devices that can be deployed from a PC.

  • EZSetup
  • Version :1.1
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Scott Ludwig

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EZSetup Description

EZSetup has been created to offer users a simple way to create an installation file for Windows CE applications. The tool can process the files so that the resulting installer can be used on a desktop PC in order to install it on a suitable connected device.

Command-line tool, runs out of the box

The console-based utility does not need to be installed as it functions as soon as its executable file is launched.

The command prompt window shows the proper instructions for using the application, which include the syntax and the supported commands and parameters.

To carry out the task the utility needs to be provided with the INI and CAB items along with a readme file in plain text and the EULA (end-user license agreement) document.

Simple syntax, easy to work with

If all the files are ready, working with EZSetup is not a tough task, even if it is console-based. It enables the user to set up the working language of the resulting program, having as arguments English, German and French.

Apart from this it simply has to be pointed to the necessary data that should be encompassed in the resulting file. The last command in the syntax refers to defining the name of the resulting executable file.

Create installer for Windows CE device

EZSetup is simple and straightforward. The available documentation, although brief, provides proper instructions on how to use the application. The end result is an installation file for devices running Windows CE operating system that can be deployed from a PC.

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