Eyelet Automation

A simple, yet intuitive Adobe Photoshop script which enables you to automate the creation of eyelet markers or a large batch of images.

  • Eyelet Automation
  • Version:01b.24
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Appraise

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Eyelet Automation Description

Eyelet Automation is a simple to use Adobe Photoshop tool which allows you to automate the placement of eyelet marks on images, in order to prepare them for banner printing. The script prompts a tool which allows you to set the exact location of the eyelets (or grommets), as well as the number of markers.

Eyelet Automation works as a Photoshop plug-in and it is designed to help you save time by manually placing the hole markers on the images. It comes in particularly handy when you need to process a large batch of images and it can create very accurate puncture holes indicators.

The command window allows you to select the measuring unit type: centimeters, millimeters or inches, then select the exact corners in which to place the markers. By default, the script prompts the program to create hole indicators in each of the four corners.

However, depending on the method or stringing the printed banner, you may create more or less holes, in order to obtain the most suitable result. Thus, you may choose the default option or manually configure the number and location of the eyelet points.

For example, in case of a large banner, displayed in portrait mode, several holes might be required on either side of the print. You need to specify the number of dots per side, as well as the distance between points. Moreover, you can mention the diameter of the dot and its distance from the edge.

You may apply this configuration to a single image or enable the batch processing. In the latter case, the software can open each image from the source folder one by one and apply the settings. Of course, you need to specify the source directory as well as the destination folder. For accurate results, you can make sure that all the images in the source folder fit the same format.

System requirements

  • Adobe Photoshop or
  • Adobe Illustrator

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Only supports the 4 eyelets in the corners configuration

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