A reliable and feature-packed software solution that enables you to design printable 3D objects using photos or designing them from scratch.

  • eXtrudy
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Hendrik Wiebel

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eXtrudy Description

Offering a homemade gift to someone is a great way to express your appreciation, since it proves that you took the time to come up with an object that is especially designed for them.

eXtrudy is one of the software utilities you can rely on for this task, as it can help you design 3D objects that you can later print using a 3D printer.

A 3D modelling app for novices and experts alike

The application installs without any issues and it features an intuitive graphic user interface, guiding users towards each step of the process, thus ensuring that even those with little PC skills can still create their own 3D printable model.

You need to start by designing the front side, then the back – for this one, you can either apply the same look created for the front, or you can come up with a new one altogether.

Customize the shape, surface and decorations of your 3D model

Next, you need to define the shape of your object – you can either load a graphic file from your computer (depicting a photo or a drawing you previously created), or you can select one of the available samples. Alternatively you can also type a word or a letter.

You get the possibility to fine-tune various details of the shape, such as width and height, as well as the rotation angle and distortions.

When it comes to the surface and decorations, you can select images from your PC or you can apply one of the provided presets – you can experiment with them until you are satisfied with the result.

Preview the 3D model and optionally attach a hook to it

After you have personalized all the aspects of your 3D model, you can preview the result – if you are not fully pleased with the outcome, you can go back to one of the previous steps and alter the parameters to your linking.

You can also attach a hook to your model, which can come in handy if you are designing a pendant or an amulet – this way, you can simply print it with your 3D printer and use it right away. Or, you can save it as STL or OBJ for later use.

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