Use this powerful and intuitive software application to quickly extract nearly any archive formats with loads of configurable options.

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ExtractNow Description

There was a time when disk space was as valuable as can get. Nowadays, disk drives are capable of storing large amounts of data, so free space should no longer be a concern. However, compression tools are still used and can greatly decrease file size, as well as keep them protected form malicious applications. When it comes to decompressing documents, it can take some time, but if the right applications are used, such as ExtractNow, time is on your side.

Simple interface and quick deployment

Deploying the application only takes a matter of seconds, coming in a light package and even a portable version you can easily carry around on a removable storage device. The interface is plain and simple, with no shiny elements, only including necessary buttons.

Amazing processing speed

The application’s core function is to give you the possibility to extract nearly any type of archive format in the blink of an eye. Having this said, it performed flawlessly during our tests, doing a much better job than its powerful competitors.

Easily add desired archives

Adding an archive to be processed is easily done by dragging desired elements over the main window, with them displayed in a list along with info regarding name, status and progress. In addition, the application lets you add a context menu entry for enhanced ease of access.

Thorough list of configurable settings

Hitting the “Settings” button gives you the possibility to configure a considerable amount of options. From the feature mentioned above, to destination related activities, password management, files to be excluded, thread priority and even file association.

Handling most used archive formats

The amount of system resources used is not something to worry about, as the clever development lets it cleverly handle CPU to provide the result as fast as it can. Another interesting feature is the breathtaking amount of files it can be associated with, making it a worthy tool for environments having to work with archives on a daily routine.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ExtractNow manages to get its job flawlessly done and incredibly fast. The only downside is that no report is displayed when tasks are done, but this is a minor issue it can be overlooked because of the ease of use and amount of formats it can handle.

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