Quickly access common functions in Windows Explorer using commands from the context menu and save precious time with this application.

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ExtraBits Description

ExtraBits is a small application that enables you to manage files and folders on your computer better thanks to the several commands it adds to the context menu.

Comes with several quick standard commands

It is necessary to mention that the application is designed as an extension for Windows File Explorer and hence, you can access it from the context menu after the setup. The idea of the utility is to include a few additional commands for general actions you could perform when managing files and folders on your computer.

To put it simply, you can copy filenames, rename files and directories, extract archives and delete empty folders. The application enables you to specify various parameters when accessing the copy filename function. More accurately, you can select other file attributes and add other text to format the copied file.

Moreover, the utility provides you with full controls on the format you want to save the files and create presets that you could use for all other files. This feature can come in handy when you are working on several projects at the same time.

Allows you to configure its behavior

You should know that the program can be set up so that it meets your working style and requirements, meaning that you can specify whether you want the quick commands to the main context menu or prefer to have them in the app’s submenu.

In addition, you can change the order of the commands from the Configuration window, so you can have easier access to the ones you are frequently using. Alternative, you can hide commands that you are never using.

On a side note, you should refrain from hiding the Configure ExtraBits menu, as once you enabled this option, you are no longer able to configure the program.

An efficient tool that can help you save time and energy

In case you are looking for a proficient solution that can help you perform standard tasks in File Explorer without having to open other third party apps, then ExtraBits might come in handy.

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