Ext2 Volume Manager

A small software utility working as an Ext3/4 file system driver that was especially designed to function under Windows environments.

  • Ext2 Volume Manager
  • Version :0.69 (Feburary 22, 2017)
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Matt Wu

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Ext2 Volume Manager Description

Extending the Windows operating system so as to add support file systems used by other OS-es may sound like a daunting job and it surely is if the appropriate tools are not available. Insofar as the Linux native ext2 ,ext3 and ext4 file systems are concerned, now it is possible to add support for them in Microsoft’s proprietary operating system.

All you need is a lightweight utility that goes by the name of Ext2Fsd. This software solution will enable you to have a new partition type onto your system with minimal efforts. What’s more, included in the package is an application for managing volumes from a user friendly interface.

Writing input and output (I/O) operations can impact severely on the performance of a system, but the ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions can now be created to alleviate the stress. Also, using Ext2 Volume Manager will make it more easy to change partition types.

This application that is bundled with Ext2Fsd has more uses which include drive letter assignment, flushing cache to disk, viewing advanced properties for a drive or partition and others as well. There is also a lot of useful information that can be obtained from Ext2 Volume Manager, including statistics polled at a time interval you specify.

The ‘Service Management’ feature will enable you to view the current status of the Ext2Fsd service and start it manually if necessary. The service startup mode can be set to one of the 4 available, while the ‘Global Codepage’ selection includes dozens of encodings for you to choose from.

With regard to the ‘Global Volume Settings’, you have the possibility to set all volumes to be loaded in ‘read-only’ mode. Also, another option that can be activated is to have drive letters assigned automatically, while files with a particular suffix or prefix can be hidden.

In conclusion, since it is very easy to install and thanks to the really useful management tool it includes, Ext2Fsd is definitely among the best utilities of its kind.

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