Browse the contents of your PC’s folder tree with this utility that simulates a Windows XP Explorer interface and offers direct access to the command prompt editor.

  • ExplorerEx
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Saleen Software

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ExplorerEx Description

For those who prefer the file explorer of older versions of Windows, such as XP, one solution for such nostalgia are interface simulators. ExplorerEx is meant to help users attain the preferred looks of the old Explorer, present in the Windows XP operating system. It will provide them with a functional file explorer interface that will simulate the looks and features of the older versions.

Basic interface that simulates the Windows XP Explorer, but compromises on its actual features

ExplorerEx comes packed with an old-looking interface, which tries to simulate the file explorer interface present in Windows XP. Although it offers a similar look and accompanying buttons, its layout fails to provide a complete integration with whichever version of Windows users are currently running.

Its features are crude to say the least and apart from basic context-menu operations and cut / copy / paste / select commands, it will not impress through its tools. It will allow users to easily access the Desktop or Computer locations, but its “Control Panel” icon can be misleading, as it opens a completely unrelated settings menu.

Browse your folder tree structure with this utility that offers basic file management, but lacks more advanced options

Users will be able to navigate through their PCs’ folder structure and the application allows them to perform basic operations with their folders / files. They will be able to search files by using the provided text input field and the application offers them access to a modest settings menu where they can define custom paths to their applications.

Despite the fact that it provides people with a decent solution for folder management, the application does not impress through its rudimentary features. Even more, some of its buttons are inactive and the settings menu cannot be closed unless the settings are saved / accepted.

Poor software solution for managing your folder structure that will only suit users who miss the Windows XP Explorer interface

Considering its lack of features and the very limited actual functionality, ExplorerEx fails to impress on any level. Indeed, it might appeal to those who are fond of the old, XP file explorer interface, but aside from its “cosmetic” use, the application will not provide much features. Users might not be satisfied with its basic tools for file management and could be better off with other, more powerful similar software packages.

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