Expert Network Inventory

Perform a comprehensive inventory of all network assets and view detailed hardware and software information, with this powerful program.

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  • Version :9.0
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Expert Network Inventory Description

A network administrator’s job is not simple at the best of times, but even more so when they do not have access to a powerful utility to help them manage all the connected computers.

Expert Network Inventory is a feature-packed software solution that aims to make it easier to keep track of all the assets on your network. It is a complex inventory application that acquires and provides extensive hardware and software information.

Collect data about all the computers in your company

The program consists of two modules, one tasked with gathering information from each computer on the network, and the other with putting this data at the disposal of the administrator.

After you have installed the software, the ENI Agent is launched automatically, and it collects information about the host PC. This info can then be viewed in the main application, and you need to run the ENI Agent on every other networked computer and store the user data files in a shared folder, allowing the program to access them as well.

Comprehensive hardware and software reports

Expert Network Inventory puts a wealth of information at your disposal, from details about each computer’s hardware configuration to installed applications, software licenses and Internet Explorer history.

The scanned computers are listed in a side panel and can be organized into multiple departments, so as to make them easier to locate.

Of course, all this information can be exported in the form of reports and saved to numerous file formats. Moreover, the program includes a built-in module that allows you to create personalized reports.

Powerful application that features an unimpressive interface

While this is not likely to be a major issue for network administrators, it is worth noting that the user interface is somewhat outdated. However, if you value functionality more than looks, Expert Network Inventory is a great tool to have at hand.

Overall, this is a reliable, feature-packed application that can save network administrators precious time and make their jobs a lot easier. It performs an extensive network inventory and can help you keep track of hardware and software configurations, as well as create and print personalized reports.

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