Exif wMarker

Apply text or image watermarks to multiple pictures in batch mode using this approachable tool that can insert metadata extracted from EXIF or IPTC.

      • Exif wMarker
      • Version :2.1.0
      • License :Shareware
      • OS :Windows All
      • Publisher :gphotoshow

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Exif wMarker Description

Exif wMarker is an advanced software utility that lets you apply watermarks to images in batch mode.

Unless you want to specify a custom watermark, the tool can embed fields from EXIF or IPTC information. Although the app may seem complicated to work with, it requires minimal experience.

Simple installer and UI

After a rapid and uneventful setup operation, you are greeted by a plain and simple interface with a neatly organized structure. It doesn’t contain visually appealing elements, but it’s quite easy to navigate. You can begin by indicating the source and destination folders.

Apply watermarks and resize pictures

It’s possible to adjust the JPEG quality, insert file information, EXIF or IPTC data into the header and footer (e.g. date of creation, file name, extension), as well as embed a logo or common picture into the images, provided that they have the JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF or PNG format.

What’s more, you can modify the default time and date format, as well as resize the photos by tinkering with a wide range of settings, such as width and highlight, reducing big images and enlarging the small ones, stretching, cropping, applying unsharp mask, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool quickly applied watermarks to pictures in our evaluation, without triggering the operating system to hang, crash or display error messages. Its impact on the overall performance of the machine was minimal, since it needed low CPU and memory to work properly.

Although it doesn’t comes wrapped in a glamorous interface, Exif wMarker provides users with a straightforward solution for applying watermarks to images of popular formats in batch mode using either custom settings or by extracting metadata from EXIF or IPTC.

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