Enables you to compile and convert batch files, VB and Java scripts to executables, without putting a strain on your computer’s performance.

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ExeScript Description

ExeScript is a software tool that was designed in order to provide individuals with a simple method of transforming Visual Basic and Java scripts, and batch files to executables.

Clear-cut interface

The installation process is a piece of cake, and you can wrap it up in a few seconds. When you are done with it, you come face to face with a UI which can only be characterized as being simple. It encloses a menu bar, a few shortcut buttons and panels to help you view your project and its settings.

It becomes quite clear that all user categories can get around it with ease, even those with little or no previous experience whatsoever with computers.

Encrypt data, convert and compile files

This software utility supports import from a pretty large number of files, such as BAT, CMD, HTA, PS1, WSF, VBS and JS, while export is only available in an EXE format.

It is possible to undo or redo actions, cut, copy, paste and delete selected elements, as well as use a search function or a find and replace one. Aside from that, you can run the source uncompiled, build the EXE, as well as compile and run.

Batch files can be opened in a silent mode, the output folder can be changed, an icon can be imported from the hard drive in ICO, DLL and EXE formats, or you can just use ExeScript’s icon. You can add comments, company name, description, copyright message and product name, as well as input a password, so as to protect your data.


All in all, ExeScript proves to be an efficient piece of software, which is accessible to all user types. It has a good response time, it does not require many system resources and the UI is friendly.

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