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Turn Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Microsoft SQL databases with the help of this application that allows you to adjust table structure.

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Excel to MSSQL Description

If you are thinking about converting your Excel spreadsheets to MS SQL, finding an efficient and responsive software utility to accompany you in the process is definitely one of your priorities.

As its name makes it quite obvious, Excel to MSSQL could be that program since it can carry out this sort of task in a short amount of time while also boasting command line support so that you can automate some operations and minimize the necessary user input.

Can import Excel and CSV file to MS SQL

First off, let’s take a look at the program’s user interface, which comes with a wizard-like structure and introduces you to its capabilities step by step, which makes it really intuitive.

Still, the application can do more than its name lets see because it can import not only XLS and XLSX files but also CSV documents to Microsoft SQL and SQL Azure, with the first screen you are prompted with asking you to choose precisely that.

Then, what you need to do is to establish your MS SQL server connection. You can do that using either your Windows credentials or your SQL server authentication details, with the possibility of connecting as the database owner.

Lets you save the conversion settings to a profile

Next, you are required to select the Excel spreadsheet or CSV file you want to convert as well as the name of your database. Note that this window lets you extract field names from the first row as well as refine type conversion. Selecting the worksheets you want to process should raise no difficulty either.

And since we have pointed out the program’s focus on productivity, it should also be mentioned that it comes with command line support, which means you can automate various conversion tasks. Apart from that, saving your conversion settings to a profile should ensure you save considerable time by skipping the configuration process altogether.

Easy-to-configure database utility

All in all, Excel to MS SQL is a powerful software solution whose purpose is to migrate your Excel and CSV files to Microsoft SQL or SQL Azure databases, either new or existing ones. The program provides users with a high degree of freedom as far as configuring the conversion process is concerned, but it manages to remain approachable, what with its intuitive user interface.

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