Excel Add-In for Email

Retrieve data from your IMAP email account to Microsoft Excel where you can view, edit and save the relevant content for other projects.

  • Excel Add-In for Email
  • Version :16.0.6374
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CData Software

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Excel Add-In for Email Description

Considering that the volume of messages we receive on a daily basis keeps increasing, it does not come as a surprise that email management continues to be a task that can bog us down. While your first instinct would be to empty everything in your Inbox, you stand to gain more from analyzing the messages in a way that ensures you do not skip anything important.

Excel Add-In for Email is an extension that enables you to extract data from your email to an Excel spreadsheet where you can examine it more thoroughly.

Straightforward setup and intuitive functionality

Before you can extract and start managing your data, first you need to establish a connection with your email client. You can rest assured that setting up the connection is a simple process that entails specifying your username, password as well as the server protocol you are using for the email client.

Since this is an add-in, it goes without saying that it borrows the looks and functionality of Microsoft Excel, so you can rely on a powerful tool to display, edit and analyze your data.

It supports IMAP, POP and SMTP email clients

It is necessary to mention that you the utility supports all email protocols, but you need to configure the permissions from your account settings to extract the data. While it supports all protocols, the utility can retrieve data and communicate with IMAP.

You should know that you can obtain the data as tables, so you can easily edit the query mailboxes and save the relevant data after you have added, revised or deleted the messages. In addition, the add-in employs SQL to communicate with your email account. Consequentially, if you are familiar with the database functions, you can even configure it so that it provides you with the data you need.

A handy tool for managing your Inbox

In the eventuality that you are looking for an intuitive solution that enables you to extract and manage data from your Inbox, then perhaps Excel Add-In for Email can lend you a hand.

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