Get instant file search results using this free and undemanding utility with advanced filters and sorting modes, bookmarks, regex, and file list export.

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Everything Description

Everything is an advanced file finder backed by a vast array of options and configuration properties. Its main attraction is that it delivers search results instantly, thanks to the fact that it automatically indexes drives, monitors them for changes, and updates its index accordingly.

Customize settings during setup

Before installation you can select the app’s settings and data location, as well as set it up as a service and specify the service port. Alternatively, you can run it with administrative rights or skip the indexing of NTFS drives.

It offers to run at every Windows startup until further notice but this option can be disabled before installation, or afterward from the settings panel. The utility can also associate itself with EFU files (Everything File Lists) and automatically index fixed NTFS volumes. Plus, you can integrate Everything into the Windows Explorer shell extension for quickly scanning folders.

Minimalistic-looking interface with advanced options

It creates an icon in the systray area at startup and gets sent there on exit. The main application window, the search window, takes a minimalistic approach when it comes to appearance. However, the menu bar and right-click menu contain numerous options that you can explore. Multiple instances are supported, so you can conduct different search operations and view results by placing the windows side by side.

Instantly find files and apply advanced filters

Everything is capable of automatically indexing any drives and folders you specify, showing search results in real time. You can indicate exclusions, match cases, whole words, paths or diacritics, enable regular expressions, apply filters for audio tracks, archives, documents, executables, folders, pictures and movies, as well as add the current search to your filters.

Sort search results and save the file list

Search results can be sorted by a wide range of criteria, such as name, size, path, extension or date of creation, either in ascending or descending order. Moreover, you can create and organize bookmarks, save the file list to file to resume it later, or export the search results to CSV or TXT files.

Evaluation results

Search operations were performed instantly in our tests. The application uses a very small amount of CPU and RAM, so it can run at all times in the background without affecting the computer’s performance.

It’s filled with a wide range of advanced options and configuration parameters, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Everything is not simple to configure, provided that you want accurate results. However, a brief consultation of the help manual should give you a boost.


To conclude, Everything is an excellent file searcher that should meet the requirements of most PC users who want search results delivered instantly. There’s also a portable edition available called Portable Everything, in case you want to directly run the tool from a pen drive.

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