Eusing Launcher

Straightforward application that enables you to gain fast access to all installed programs, as well as shut down your PC, and comes with backup and restore capabilities.

  • Eusing Launcher
  • Version:3.2 Build 20161025
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Eusing Software

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Eusing Launcher Description

Eusing Launcher is a software program that was developed specifically to aid individuals in creating shortcuts for all their installed apps, shut down their computer and backup all their configurations.

Hassle-free setup and clean environment

The installation process runs quite smooth and does not come with any kind of unpleasant surprises, while the interface you are greeted by presents a minimal and clear-cut design, as it only creates a button on the desktop which enables you to show or hide all the created shortcuts. Moreover, a small icon is also present in the system tray.

Help contents are provided online and thus, it becomes quite clear that both beginners and highly experienced people can learn how to handle it, without running into problems.

Configure the appearance

This tool enables you to create up to 36 icons, and you should know it is possible to adjust the appearance, in the sense that you can control the icon size, the circle diameter, position of the of the pop-up button and the opacity of the background, with the help of several slider bars.

Restart your PC and create backups for all your settings

Aside from that, you can easily upload an image as a user icon, using formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF, open “My Documents,” switch desktop (if you have a multi-screen system) and hide Eusing Launcher. It is possible to lock, log off, restart or shut down the computer, by right-clicking on the desktop button, as well as turn the monitor off.

The app can be set up to be launched at Windows startup, and it can automatically hide when it is not used. Backup and restore capabilities are available, so as to prevent sudden data loss, yet you can also restore all settings to default.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Eusing Launcher is a pretty useful piece of software. It does not burden the computer’s performance, we did not pick up on any errors or bugs during our tests, all tasks are performed in a timely manner and the interface is highly intuitive.

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