ESET SysInspector

A handy application that provides important information about your system and its processes, services, registry, drivers and other critical files.

  • ESET SysInspector
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Eset

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ESET SysInspector Description

ESET SysInspector is a feature-rich application that enables users to monitor processes, services, the registry, drivers and other important files. It mainly caters to experienced computer users.

The interface is made from a regular window with a well-organized structure, where you can view items by type: running processes, network connections, important registry entries, services, drivers, critical files, system scheduler tasks, system information, and file details.

Listed information includes the SHA1 checksum, last write time, creation time, file size, description and version, company, product and internal name, along with links (e.g. the file path of a running process).

Network connections include TCP, UDP and DNS. When it comes to important registry entries, you can check out the standard ones that automatically run at system startup, Winlogon notifications, BHOs (Browser Helper Objects), Internet Explorer-related, shell open commands, network, TypeLib, and others.

Critical files contain Hosts, System.ini and Win.ini, while system information addresses environment variables, installed software, hotfixes and updates, current user, user privileges, local drives and event logs.

All these items are color-coded, from green (safe) to red (risky), and you can filter the display mode according to the colors. Furtermore, it is possible to change the detail mode (basic, medium, full), use a search function, copy information to the Clipboard, look up items online, save the log file, run a service script, export all sections to a service script, and many more.

ESET SysInspector uses low-to-moderate RAM and low CPU, so it shouldn’t put a strain on system performance. It has a very good response time and performs well, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages. In conclusion, ESET SysInspector proves to be a valuable asset to any user’s utility belt when it comes to analyzing system performance.

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