ESET Log Collector

Connects to your ESET security solution and collects information about your computer and your ESET product, creating a report that you can submit to ESET’s tech support team.

  • ESET Log Collector
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Eset

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ESET Log Collector Description

When calling customer care service, they usually ask you for a lot of information about your computer and its status at the moment the problem occurred. If you are not such a tech-savvy user, finding the data they want might be a bit difficult. In the attempt to help both the customer and the support team, ESET released the so-called ESET Log Collector.

Setup-free report creator for ESET product users

As its name implies, the ESET Log Collector gathers information and logged data from your PC, putting together a report that can be sent to the ESET’s team for further analysis. The application has a small footprint and requires no installation and, furthermore, it’s very easy to use.

The ESET Log Collector automatically detects the ESET security product you have installed on your system, requesting log files from it, if instructed to do so. The ESET product and its version are displayed within the main window, alongside the list of artifacts the ESET Log Collector should include in its report.

Gathers logs generated by the system and the ESET product

ESET Log Collector reveals a rather long list of logged data you can include in the output report, but you can deselect the items you don’t want to export.

It can show a list of all the running Windows processes, capture Windows logs (application, system, and SetupAPI event logs), details regarding the system and network configuration (including a list of filtered webpages), WFP filters and ESET’s Sysinspector logs. Furthermore, it can extract information about the ESET product you are using, including its configuration, installed drivers, quarantined files, event and threat records, scan and HIPS logs. All this valuable information can be further analyzed by ESET’s experts to find the problem and look for a solution.

Collect logs and send them to the ESET team

ESET Log Collector only serves those of you who are relying on an ESET product as the main security solution. It can collect data for up to the last 60 days, compressing the entire report in a ZIP archive. It helps you collect information much easier, send the data to ESET’s team and wait for feedback.

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