Develop secure financial applications with the help of this advanced platform that offers q quick way to implement technologies like blockchains and smart contracts.

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Eris Description

If you are or have been interested in Bitcoin, then chances are you may have heard about a concept called blockchain.

Without getting into too much details, blockchain is a Bitcoin-based database that reinforces the concept of cryptocurrency by hosting lists of data that possess the potential to increase the security of a vast array of services.

Requires Docker’s services for deploying distributed apps

While this sounds great, implementing the blockchain within applications is by no means a walk in the park, quite the opposite in fact. This is where Eris comes in, as it provides you with a dependable platform and all the necessary tools for implementing, testing, managing and creating apps with a blockchain core.

Before you get started with Eris, you want to make sure that Docker, a platform for deploying applications inside containers, is installed on your computer’s system.

Helps you create, run and deploy blockchain-based applications

This said, at least in principle, Eris comes with a straightforward workflow, yet it is not what you would call simple. After you have installed Docker and you have launched the Eris binary,  you should be able to create your own blockchain or even connect to already existing financial applications.

One thing that makes everything easier with Eris is the usage of smart contract templates that provide superior security over other typical legal contracts by facilitating the execution of terms in a straightforward matter.

Blockchain and smart contracts in your financial apps

Taking all of the above into consideration, Eris provides a solid platform for building advanced financial applications based on the of the most interesting and probably misunderstood technologies, namely smart contracts and blockchain.

While Eris is mainly intended for all sorts of financial, market-related or on-demand services, it can also provide a valid solution for automating secure processes between multiple organizations or businesses, since the concept of blockchain is by no means limited to Bitcoin associations.

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