Comprehensive, open-source personal accounting application that offers an impressive array of features and sports a clean, novice-friendly UI.

  • Eqonomize!
  • Version :1.0 Beta 3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hanna Knutsson

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Eqonomize! Description

Even though most transactions are performed online nowadays, managing your personal finances is as difficult as ever. What’s more, keeping expenses in check can be quite challenging when it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to buy pretty much anything you want.

Eqonomize! is an intuitive application that can help you organize your finances and plan for the future. It enables you to manage multiple accounts, set up strict budgets and keep track of past and present transactions.

Powerful personal accounting app that can help you stay on top of your finances

When launching the application for the first time, you will notice that a few accounts and categories have already been created; these can help you get started on the right track, as they give you an idea of how you can organize your finances.

Eqonomize! allows you to manage multiple accounts effortlessly. You can add incoming and outgoing transactions with ease, as well as perform transfers between accounts, track your stocks, bonds or mutual funds, and set up recurring events.

Streamlined GUI that enables you to work efficiently

The application’s minimalistic visual design is what many prefer to see when looking for a personal accounting program.  There are no unnecessary and distracting visual elements, so you can concentrate on your work and get it done as quickly as possible.

Eqonomize! features an intuitive tabbed UI layout, making it very easy to switch between various modules at any time. Additionally, a set of useful functions can be accessed directly from the toolbar.

Offers advanced reporting capabilities

You can track the evolution of your finances easily by generating reports that showcase changes in profits, income or expenses over time. These are fully customizable, and they can be saved to HTML files.

Moreover, the application can generate multiple types of charts that offer more accessible visual representations, which make it easier to identify potential problem areas.

On the whole, Eqonomize! is a powerful yet easy to use personal accounting solution that can help you manage your finances with relatively little effort. Even novices can start putting their accounts in order right away, as a comprehensive user manual is also included.

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