Epson Print CD

A handy means to author your own personalized covers and labels, as well as to print them on CD / DVD discs in a convenient manner.

  • Epson Print CD
  • Version :2.43
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Epson America Inc

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Epson Print CD Description

Epson Print CD is a powerful application that delivers a straightforward approach to creating CD / DVD labels and jackets. Comprising a wide array of fully customizable templates, the application helps you personalize and author your home made CD and DVDs in a comfortable manner.

The first important note is that you need an Epson printer and the adjacent CD printing driver installed in order to carry out the disc printing process successfully. Epson Print CD is a product issued by the Epson company itself, so the requirements stated above are not a surprise.

Tailored to meet the interest of both beginner and professional users, the product is brought inside an intuitive and comprehensive interface. All of the features are nicely arranged inside a few buttons and menus that are accessible and easy to understand.

Starting a new project brings up a dialog prompting users to select the type of CD / DVD task to be created. You can choose between a CD / DVD label design or a disc jacket, whichever you prefer.

Blank projects allow you to personalize every inch of the cover, but a wide array of templates is also available in case you don’t want to start from scratch.

Each label or jacket can be customized to match your requirements. You can add your own background and pictures, as well as to write user-defined text or to draw various shapes on the cover.

A special blur effect can be applied in order to achieve a unique blurry appearance around the label’s edges. You can also make arrangements for the CD / DVD size, with the possibility to set a custom inner and outer diameter.

The projects can be saved locally for later use or printed directly on a disc as long as an Epson printer is installed on your system.

Overall, Epson Print CD makes quite the impression through the wide array of customization options, as well as through its undeniable ease of use.

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