Entrainer FX

Generates binaural beat frequencies to put your brain to work, enabling you to define frequencies and configure its settings using an XML file.

  • Entrainer FX
  • Version :6.0.2
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Burton Alexander

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Entrainer FX Description

In the eventuality that you feel that you can barely handle the pressure of your daily problems, yet you are aware of the importance of mental balance for your health, then perhaps you should consider meditation as a means of relaxation.

Entrainer FX is a piece of software that enables you to generate binaural beats for brain entrainment, which is a meditation or relaxation technique that is known to free the mind from the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Comes with a UI with invisible controls

After a quick setup, you can access the application from the installation folder you have selected for it. Although you come face to face with a several undoubtedly impressive images upon launch, the choice can be confusing, particularly since the toolbar and other menus are hidden.

While you can access them by hovering the mouse over the UI, it would be nice if at least the main window came with visible menus and settings toolbars that you can hide when you are done preparing your entrainment session.

Unfortunately, changing the settings to customize the style of the GUI and color schemes can be performed by editing the CSS settings file, an option that can intimate some users. It would be helpful if you could modify these parameters from the GUI directly.

Helps you create the ambient for your meditation sessions

The trump card of the application stems from the fact that it enables you to use your favorite audio tracks and photos that you know can soothe and relax you to create a familiar and friendly ambient for your brain entrainment session.

Even though you only have a handful of pictures and sounds when you first launch the app, you will be happy to learn you can add any tracks and images that have meaning to you. After all, altering the state of consciousness varies from person to person and everyone understand relaxation differently.

Allows you to connect EEG hardware

It is necessary to mention that the program allows you to connect and is compatible with a few EEG hardware devices, such as NeuroSky Mindware, OCZ Nia and OpenBCI hardware, for example. If you possess such gadgets, then you can connect them by accessing the EEG Signal Processing menu.

You should know that the application includes a Neutralizer function that enables you to get visual feedback of the conscious state of the person using the device. However, the option requires you to take the time to train it so that it can recognize specific conscious states. Therefore, it would be more suitable for spas or similar specialized health centers.

A versatile tool for anyone who practices meditation

All in all, Entrainer FX is a comprehensive program that allows you to prepare a meditation or relaxation session in a manner that would help you live the main advantages of binaural beats.

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