Batch rename large number of files using complex patterns with the help of this straightforward and efficient file management app.

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EnTitle Description

EnTitle is an efficient piece of software that makes it as easy as possible for you to rename large number of files, regardless of their types or extensions.

The application comes with an eye-pleasing interface, with clear-cut descriptions, large buttons and an all encompassing ribbon toolbar. Being a file management software solution, it is no surprise that EnTitle also comes with a file explorer function.

Straightforward workflow, but it could have been a bit better

All of the above actively contribute to making EnTitle a very intuitive tool, but it is not above other apps of this sort.

For example, in order to load files into the utility’s main window, you have to first select the folder or the file location, and then start the searching process by clicking the designated button on the toolbar.

That said, the tool makes it possible for you to batch rename and manage files within the existing folder structure.

Does not include an ‘Undo’ feature, but it compensates with its ‘before and after’ preview

You can change the letter case to upper and lower, rename individual files, sort and filter the files by various attributes. Additionally, you can also rename files inline, apply custom filters and export file lists for later usage.

This is a good time to mention that you should pay attention to what you are doing, as there is no way to undo the results. Since it already includes a file logging feature, an ‘Undo’ function might not be so difficult to implement in future versions.

It partly makes up for this drawback with what is probably its most useful feature, the ‘before and after’ rename preview function. With the help of this feature, you can get an accurate view of the actual results before committing to change your files.

Fast, efficient and modern-looking file renamer

All in all, EnTitle is a fast and efficient software solution for renaming large number of files on your computer or other external drives.

The application looks and feels modern, comes with a lean learning curve, renames files swiftly without delays, but mind you, be careful while working with it.

Once you have renamed your files there is no actual way of reversing the process. If you are not entirely certain about renaming your documents, a fairly good idea would be to backup them up before.

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